Travel Nurse

Bring your CoWorkers and Friends and Earn a free trip

Earning CE Credits

We appreciate the difference nurses make. So, we look forward to taking you on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing the gift of giving back to the world. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn your continuing education credits along the way. Amazing? We think so, too!

Big Island Hawaii CE Tour

Our trip to Hawaii is tailored specifically to nurses looking to earn credits. We will devote a few mornings and afternoons to studying and classwork while the rest of the day is meant for exploring and leisure. We’ve had wonderful feedback from nurses who’ve gone on this trip and think you will enjoy it as well! Who said learning can’t be fun?


Get a paid vacation: Many employers offer allowances of $1,000 to $4,000 per year toward continuing education, including travel expenses. Check your benefits package to see how much of your adventure will be free!

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